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Sundays youth group sunday.
Anyone want to come hear me read my sermonette?
April 19th me and cory are going to the webster
to see alkaline trio, against me, plutosgang & tip
the van. This kid we met whose in plutosgang is giving us tickets soon
so if you want to come I need to know before i buy zem.
Stuff is so busy lately.

Sorry im not a big updater.

An akward backwards man.

Okay dont have a lot of
time to write this.

But this weekend, i :
>>>Had cory pick me up
and celebrate valentines
day and give me a bunch
of flowers and candy <3

>>>Went to taco bell where me and
cory ate bean burritoes, and a
little blonde girl with pigtails
came up and told me i was beautiful
and gave me a kiss on my cheek.
It was adorable. I bragged about it
all night.

>>>went to the mest/allister/
scary kids scaring kids
concert with cory.
>>>It was pretty crazAY.
Me and cory started like
a zillion moshpits and
everyone wanted us to die.

>>>cuddled with cory.

>>>Had my party. Only
everyones parents were
a) Scared of the snowstorm
and not wanting to drive, or
b) grounded from report cards
that just came out or
c) Something in between those.

But still joe, mariya, jared, brian,
becky, eileen, taylor, mike arnold, lauren,
liz, cory and jessica came.

(i missed haley and allee so bad.)

Oh, and then fucking marisa and melissa
came in and like, dressed up in all black
and masks, came and took food, threw it on
my doorstep, left a pair of bloody underwear
and tapped on our windows and left. (brian
mooned his frontals at them haha.)

Its so lame that they did that though,
just because melissa knows im mad at her
now. And that she wasnt invited.

Hahah. Thats what she gets for being an
asshole to me all year and telling Kara
that i "am trying to be allee." (Just
becaue me and allee dress sort of scene
doesnt mean im fuckng trying to be her.
I mean its not like allee invented all
the clothes she wears. And i mean, allee's
defintetely not the first person to wear leggings
or buy checkered vans. Owell, Melissa's lame.)

But yeah. That was my weekend. Heres a picture
of joe and cory nakey haha.

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Working today. Lost of monay.

Another kid asked me if i was pregnant.
She said she heard it around the "halls".

Yeah. This needs to stop.
I am fourteen.
I am not pregnant.
Thank you.


Went to the mall with alex steve & cory.
We hung there. Then went to YG. And steve's
one of those "I HATE ALL SCENE KIDS" kids. So
we argued a little. I TOTALLY WON. haha. He was
all "i just hate the whole off centered pop out words
checkered rainbows blah blah blah trend" Im just like dude.
Look at yourself. He has the whole "scene" hair cut with the
spiked hair in the back, TIGHT pants, leopard vans, striped sweater
with pins on it. (yet he was calling me scene for pins on my purse..)

And its just like seriously. Every style is a "scene".
And anything you call scene can be called something else.
Rainbows=gay pride.
Spiky haircuts=punk.
Checkered stuff=ska.
Off centered shirts=L.A. fashion
Skulls=what style doesnt use skulls.
Guys in tight pants= indie.

And its just like, seriosly steve, have you MET EVERY SINGLE "SCENE" KID?
No. you havent. Plus i love the part where everyone kid who is called
scene, says they hate scene. But seriously, when the fuck is this gonna matter.
Wear what you want. And dont have a fit if the new pants you just bought have
X's on the pocket. You just like to say you hate those kids because it makes
you feel above it all. YOU AINT AS PUNK AS YOU THINK.



To everyone who says skateboarding is harder then snowboarding:

I went with Jared and cory.
It was really fun in the end.
In the begining it was just
freaking frustarating. I'd
go down a little, hit an ice
chunk and fall. And i basically couldnt
get up for the life of me.

Finally i figured out how to get up
and it was better.It was fun. But then
me and cory went down some big hill and
got tired of falling so we sled the rest
of the way down. And it was THE-FUNNEST-
THING-EVER. End of story. I laughed
my asssssssss off.

It was a good time.
We saw a couple kids from
my grade. And yeah. we ate alot.

And now im sore. and im going back to sleep.



According to Gina im pregnant.
Lmfao silly hoe =]

I dont know the girl, but
if she started thinks ive been knocked up shes pretty
retarrrrrrrded. I dont even know why
she thinks that. Im not THAT fat,
(chubby but not a balloon belly.)
and the only reason ive been out is
cause of mono.
Not a fucking abortion.
Eh. Whatever.

Its just weird when like; 40 people come up to me & ask me.

Im so wearing a pillow in mah'shirt tomorrow.

Like a good book reads always question your country.

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Today sucks.
Everything about it.
Jareds no longer in my study hall.
I have gym first period. I hate gym.

No more allee in the morning.

I pretty much have no friends in any
of my classes. I want to kill myself
at 6:30 am when i know i have to go to school.
My mom always fights with me in the morning.
Im so far behind in school work. But no one
can help me. My teachers just gave me all this
work. I dont fucking know how to do it. I still
have to take two exams. My teachers hate me.

It feels good to whine
in my livejournal.

But on a positive note:
Tonight im watching 24.
That makes me smiley.
And february is going to
be awesome.
*me and corys one year anniversary
(we want to celebrate it in boston)
(my first school dance w. cory)
*Feb break
(no schoooooool mmmm<3)
*Valentines day!

Idk. Whatever.
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the weather today is slightly sarcastic.

Okay heres something that’s REALLY bothering me lately.
How everyone is about the band Panic at the Disco.

Its either the kids that listen to them
And keep saying “shotgun wedding”
Without even knowing what the lyrics
Are talking about. Or it’s the kids
Who are like “omg their so scene I hate them”
“their too popular their too fall out boy”

Blah blah blah.
Let me explain what some of their songs mean.
So you can all stop pretending you know everything about them

Time to dance= 100% about the book
Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palianhak.
(the best book in the world)

Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking
Their clothes off. = About the movie Closer.

London beckons songs about money by machines=
About diary a book by chuck palainhak.

Camisado= About Fight Club.
A book by Chuck Palianhak.
(also a made into a movie.)

I write sins not tragedies= About Survivor
A book by Chuck Palianhak.

Theirs a few others but I think you get the idea.
So stop with the “shes bleeding all over the ballroom floor?
Omfg that’s so emo!!11oneoen!! eewzz!”
Its about a part of Invisible Monsters where
The main character gets in a car accident
And goes to her best friends wedding etc etc.
Read the book you’ll get it.

I love them.
I think its awesome to have a band
That draws attention to books.
(Especially when its books by my all time favorite author.)

So yeah. Hearing about how people talk about
Them just bothers me. Their a really good band.
Deal with it.

Also look at what they wrote in their song London beckons songs about money by machines: (its written in a way Chuck palianhak writes in the book Diary.)

"Just for the record
The weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of
A. Indifference and
B. Disinterest in what the critics say

Well we're just a wet dream for the webzines
Make us it
Make us hip
Make us scene
Or shrug us off your shoulders
Don't approve a single word we wrote"

See. Its predicting how everyone would act about them.
And they were 100% right. Whats more witty than that. Exactly.
So shut up please =].
You liked the band when you first heard them
but now your too cool for them.

Just because your not the only one who listens
to a band doesnt mean they suck.

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I want a friend who actually tries to be one.
Everyone tries so hard to act like they dont need you.
And barely want you. I want someone who calls me
and IM's me first.

Thats so rare lately.
Can someone explain why.